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The Ministry of Herring and Vodka is a network of traditional polish gastro-pubs with unique style and decor, themed and inspired by historical events from the past. We are taking you on the nostalgic journey into the 70’s and 80’s - with retro look’n'feel, industrial design and explosion of rebellious pop culture patterns.

We are one of the most dynamically developing gastronomical brands in Poland. What distinguishes us from the competition, is a high quality of fair trade products and much edgier service standards. We have created a curated menus, offering a wide range of affordable drinks, shots, cocktails and culinary experiences. Taking you on a mouthwatering journey into the past.

We pride ourselves with creating working environments and methodologies, that allowed us for a fast national brand expansion, surpassing all of our expectations. Key to our success is in our people. Being able to approach each guest from a fresh standpoint, without a set routine that treats them all alike. This allowed us to create a working environment that a lot of our regular guests like to call “their second home”.

We are a profitable and reliable brand that within 8 years from its opening became a national leader in terms of growth and number of new units opened annually.

It’s the first time we are expanding outside of Poland, you now have a unique investment opportunity to become part of our extended family of owners. 

We invite you to a co-operation!

точок власних

1 in Poland

точок франчайзингових

37 in Poland

Умови франшизи

підтримка для франчайзі

  • patented brand + know-how,
  • support for the whole duration of the agreement
  • assistance with any technical projects / subjects
  • assistance with the interior design of the premises as well as providing proven existing solutions, in order to minimize the running costs
  • guidance and direction in advertising and marketing (leaflets, posters, vouchers)
  • delivery of the website with the dedicated domain 
  • assistance in planning the delivery of goods,
  • recipes for all of our menu items (drinks + food)
  • comprehensive training in food preparation and customer service,
  • assistance in selecting the right location of the premises 
  • variety of branded merchandise (caps, lanyards, logo prints etc.)
  • access to corporate discounts and specially negotiated rates for the entire range of alcohols and soft drinks,
  • part of the interior design (paintings, plates, neon signs) and outdoor advertising on the building,
  • assistance with lending equipment if needed (freezers, fridges, mobile bars etc.)
  • startup assistance with the implementation of our methodology of work (we send our startup team that will guide you through the training processes and assist with any queries you might have)
  • full assistance and support at any point in time during the process
  • membership in the franchise forum

Фінансові показники

  • the start-up costs highly depend on the size of the unit, its adaptation and location
  • for example, a 60 sq. m. unit it's an average cost of 15700 dollars net,
  • the initial fee, including the license + support mentioned above is: USD 785 / net - one off payment
  • franchise fee - USD 265 net / per month
  • the franchiser does not participate in the profits of the franchisee.

основні вимоги

  • maintaining high network service e standards (serving food, drinks, shots, bar service),
  • adhering to the network's recommendations concerning the purchase of products such as: coca-cola, alcoholic beverages, food products,
  • taking a good care of the company image and outlook,
  • maintaining the premises in a similar style, look and feel to those already established,
  • playing mainly music of the 70s, 80s, 90s,
  • participating in the franchise forum on facebook,
  • adhering to the network’s opening times (availability from early morning to late night)
  • acceptance of the random quality checks carried out by a MSIW’s quality control team
  • creating permanent promotions for students
  • creating special offerings and weekly promotions for customers
  • franchise fee paid in timely manner

Контактна інформація про франчайзера

MSW Sp. z o.o.

ul. Raciborska 2, 44-100 Gliwice

+48 730 950 953

Контактна особа

Anna Kupidura - chief operating officer for network development

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