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BodyConcept is an innovative network of aesthetical clinics that offers affordable beauty services.

The modern business model of BodyConcept is based on three principles:

Unique Offer

BodyConcept, besides personalized treatments, offers a service of the Esthetical Gym that allows the client, not spending much time on treatments, follow a plan that will lead to visible results at an affordable cost.

Quality and affordable price

The high quality of the services is ensured by modern devices, cosmetics and professionalism of the employees, thanks to which BodyConcept offers the most attractive in the market relation between price, quality and service range.


Business must bring in profits, that is why BodyConcept business concept has been designed to enable profitability to be achieved from the first month of operation.

BodyConcept’s goal is to democratize beauty by allowing all women to treat themselves, using the latest technology and specialized professionals, but always at a smart cost.

On the international level we work through the Master Franchisee, providing the right to create the franchising chain in your country with our continuous support. We ensure constant operational monitoring, ongoing training and central organization of key areas of expansion and support to your clinics – marketing, sales, HR and finance.

точок власних

4 in Portugal

точок франчайзингових

More than 50 franchisees in Portugal, Brazil, Poland and Cape Verde

фото точки
інформація для франчайзі

підтримка для франчайзі

Before the opening, BodyConcept provides an excellence training (3 weeks) on all the skills necessaires to become a master franchisor: technical, sales, marketing, operational, financial, after the opening, we also have an effective follow up and support centre to our master.

We transfer all our knowledge and experience on regular basis, realise marketing training, and provide all the marketing material.


  • to make a profit in the first month;
  • help in choice of facilities, recruitment of employees;
  • comprehensive franchisee and staff training;
  • procedures for active acquisition of customers for the clinic;
  • marketing strategy;
  • continuous support in the field of customer service and sales;
  • specialists in cosmetology, sales and finance;
  • regular training;
  • maintenance service.


  • guarantee of profitability;
  • rapid return on investment;
  • great market potential;
  • proven business concept;
  • lack of business experience and knowledge of the cosmetics industry is not an obstacle;
  • participation in one of the most innovative clinic chain in Europe;
  • consulting on the progress of a showroom and local marketing strategy;
  • the possibility of continuous improvement of qualifications and education;
  • operation in a selected area.

передбачувана сума інвестицій

41.113€ (Express) / 73.710€ (Standard) for opening the clinic + Master Licence fee depending on the territory (subject to further evaluation).

Monthly Royalties (700€ for the first clinic, 100€ for any clinic starting from the second).

основні вимоги

BodyConcept is looking for a Master Franchisee, so the candidate should be ambitious and dynamic. Preferably with the experience in franchising, company management, or areas related to aesthetics and beauty.

контакт франчайзера

BodyConcept Lda

R. Tomás Ribeiro, 71, piso 4, 1050-227, Lisboa, Portugal

+351 93 77 44 630

контактна особа для кандидатів

Anna Ermakova

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